About me

I got my Bachelor degree in Engineering with mathematics and statistical background in China, with commericial experience as a Data Analyst.

Then I want to look for a new challenge, so I came to New Zealand to study Master of Computer and Information Sciences in AUT.

It’s an amazing journey, because I joined the X Challenge innovation competition in university. In this competition, I made a business plan and became a winner.

In my first semester, I chose two papers, which involves data mining, machine learning and natural language processing. They open the door of Big Data to me. It was a fantastic journey for me to utilise machine learning techniques to help surface interesting patterns in data.

Also I got the Summer Research Award in AUT and through it, I extract, transform, model, analyse and present data by exploring new techniques (learning won’t stop!).

The most important thing is that I find I am more passionate in solving business problems rather than academia.

I also published two papers about artificial intelligence and machine learning:

  1. “An automated privacy information detection approach for protecting individual online social network users” to the Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) journal
  2. “Privacy Information Classification: A Hybrid Approach” to The 4th International Workshop on Smart Simulation and Modelling for Complex Systems (SSMCS 2019).

During my Master journey, I keep interest in Data Engineering, Business Intelligence and other fields related to Data Science.

I also want to keep life-long learning in this area.

Now I am working as an Associate Data Engineer at BNZ after i resigned as a Data Analyst at Online Republic(a subsidiary under Webjet).

I enjoy the challenge of extracting, transforming, modelling, analysing and presenting data to businesses by exploring new techniques.

I also do vounteering projects for the society in my free time, because helping others is also my passion.

If you think we can collaborate or connect, please feel free to send me an invite or email me at jiaqiwuc@gmail.com (My LinkedIn)

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