A special Easter Day

In this special Easter Day, New Zealanders need to stay in our own ‘bubbles’.

So, good time to do some learning stuff.

Pluralsight is now offering all courses free in April.

Completed the Google Analytics for Creative Professionals course on it.

Highly recommended its methodology:

  1. Look for top-level outliers + Mix & Match (segment)
  2. Go to pages and look for issues (technical, content & design)

Especially the part of spotting the ‘Ghost Spam’ in referrals and how to remove it with Regex, quite useful.

In business, making decisions by combining statistics with insight and our knowledge of human wants & needs is called data-informed

Next target: Architecting Data Warehousing Solutions Using Google BigQuery

If you are interested in or have any problems with BigQuery, feel free to contact me.

Or you can connect with me through my LinkedIn.

Author: Jacqui

Data Science|Business Intelligence

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