What is normalization and what are normalization forms?

Normalization is a technique that decomposes the table to reduce the redundacy of data.

There are 3 normalization forms we need to check and follow to normalize tables.

1st Normalization Form:

  1. Each coloum of the table should have a single value
  2. Each column should belong to a same domain
  3. Two colums should not have a same name
  4. It need not to be a proper order, e.g., we need not to sort the records according to the date of DOB.

2nd Normalization Form:

  1. The table should be satisfy 1st Normalization Form
  2. All the non-key attributes myst be functionally dependently on primary key

3rd Normalization Form:

  1. The table should be satisfy 2nd Normalization Form
  2. There is no transitive dependency for non-prime attributes

The transitive functional dependency is as follows:

A is functional dependent on B and B is functional dependent on C. So, C is transitive dependent on A through B.

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Author: Jacqui

Data Science|Business Intelligence

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