DAX Cheat Sheet

What is DAX?

It is the programming language for Power Pivot, SSAS Tabular and Power BI.

It resembles Excel because it was born in PowerPivot. But it has no concept of <row> and <column> and has different type system.

The most important, it has many new functions.

The most two are measure and calculated column:

Measure is used to calculate aggregates, e.g., Sum, Avg and evaluated in the context of the cell in a report or a DAX query.

Calculated column evaluates each row and is computed at the low level within the table it belongs to.

Some Common Dax Expressions:


  1. Return the value in result_columnName for the row that meets all criteria specified by search_columnName and search_value
  2. LOOKUPVALUE(Result Column Name, Search Column Name, Search Column value)


  1. Return a subset of a table or expression
  2. FILTER(<table>,<filter>)


  1. Return all the rows in a table, or values in a column, ignoring any filters that may have been applied
  2. ALL(<table> or <column>)


  1. Returns a related value from another table
  2. RELATED(<column>)


  1. Evaluates an expression in a context that is modifies by specific filters
  2. CALCULATE(<expression>,<filter1>,<filter2>)

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Author: Jacqui

Data Science|Business Intelligence

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