Why Do People Think Enter X Challenge Innovation Competition is a Good Idea?

Except some IT competitions, I also enter X Challenge Innovation Competition in university.

X Challenge is a competition that gives every AUT student the opportunity and guidance to develop an idea for a business, cause or project. 

Each student can experience how to launch and run a business, which starts from an innovative idea. 

It consists of two stages: The Idea and The Accelerator.

You can enter either one or both, as an individual or as a team. When entering as a team at least one member must be a current AUT student.

I enter The Idea.

Next is my milestones for X Challenge:

01/04/2019: Gather my team.

Choosing a partner who matches the marketing and business ability that I lack will shape the future of the business more than any other.

In this stage, I choose Mia Lu.

She is a marketing and multi-media specialist who holds a double major in Marketing and Economics, with 4+ years of experience in digital marketing and communications. Except the marketing professional ability, design is also her passion and speciality, i.e., graphic design and UX design.

More important, she is an amazing women with high execution and communication skills.

07/04/2019: Decide what we want to build. Brainstorming something the world needs and all the members agreed on the idea.

Finally, our idea is Named Entity Recognition as a Service.

Here is the rationale of our idea. This tool can prevent privacy information leakage for individual Online Social Networks users.

It mainly involves in Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques.

17/04/2019: Demonstrate that people want your product and figure out how to scale. We celebrate once 300 people who are not our friends and family tell us that using our product was useful.

25/04/2019: Submit the Google form to AUT. The form consists of one-page idea, including the problem we solve, our product advantages, markets and customers, direct or indirect competitors and team member description.

01/05/2019: Our team is chosen as a winner of The Idea.

My feelings:

Through the innovation competition, I realise how to change a technical idea to a business product.

And I realise how to act as a leader, especially collaborating with other team member.

Team support is the key to success!

If you are interested in or have any problems with business plan or competitions, feel free to contact me .

Or you can connect with me through my LinkedIn.

Author: Jacqui

Data Science|Business Intelligence

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