How I Join Data Science Career(Academia)

Before February 2018: My Bachelor Degree

After I completed my bachelor degree of Information Security in Xidian University, I start to look for a new challenge.

Then I came to New Zealand to study the Master of Computer and Information Sciences in AUT.

February 2018 – July 2018: Selected Courses

In the first semester of my master degree, I enrolled in two papers: Data Mining and Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing.

The two courses have assisted me in broadening my knowledge while showing me the diverse research side of Computer Sciences, especially Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

July 2018 – December 2018: Master Thesis

Then I enrolled in the 120 points thesis in the second semester.

The thesis research of my Master degree is totally a different challenge to me.

It differs from previous teaching courses because its requirements of the abilities of critical thinking and problem-solving are much stricter.

Moreover, research is also an iterative procedure, so patience and persistence are also essential when it comes with persistent failure.

Luckily, I met my primary supervisor and second supervisor, who guided and helped me a lot.

In 14th November (my birthday day) last year, my primary supervisor suggested me to apply for the Summer Research Award at AUT, which can further augment to my capabilities.

Summer Research Award is awarded to students who have got satisfactory results in the three-month project in AUT. The evaluation is based on the final data analysis report. Only 10 students in the Faculty of Computer Sciences can get the award.

December 2018 – February 2019: Summer Research Award

Then I applied for it and my proposal got approved.

Through three months, I successfully classified and achieved a 92% accuracy result by building a neural network model in this project.

In the last week of February this year, I developed creative contents as academic reports with online LaTeX Editor (Overleaf) to get my final payment.

I recommend the Summer Research Award in AUT, because not only it can bring you some extra gains and honour, but also it can offer you an opportunity to gain some practical skills.

The most important thing is that I start to realise I am more interested in industry rather than academia!

Attachment is the Summer Research Award I gained.

February 2019 – July 2019: Two Publications

I also developed my research and analytical skills while publishing two papers

  • “An automated privacy information detection approach for protecting individual online social network users” to the Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) journal
  • “Privacy Information Classification: A Hybrid Approach” to The 4th International Workshop on Smart Simulation and Modelling for Complex Systems (IJCAI 2019)

Maybe some people think I should take a PhD degree to enhance my research skills. However, I am not interested in academia any more.

New Journey:

It is time for me to continue my journey and gain more experience in the industry of Data!

If you are interested about New Zealand University, selecting papers, Summer Research Award, or how to publish papers on journals or international conferences, feel free to contact me and I can give you some suggestions.

Or you can connect with me through my LinkedIn.

Author: Jacqui

Data Science|Business Intelligence

5 thoughts on “How I Join Data Science Career(Academia)”

  1. Hi Jacqui,

    Can you please share your contact details – Email-id and Mobile no. as I wanted to take your advice on doing a Post Grad Diploma course in IT / Computer Science from AUT. My name is Ravi and I’m from Mumbai, India. I plan to join the Feb 2020 intake and currently I’m working as a SAP Functional Consultant in Materials Management Module in SAP. Would like to do a course which will further my job prospects after the course. If you provide me your email, I can send my 1 page profile also to help you to guide me in the course selection. Looking forward to your earliest response. Thanks and best regards, Ravi

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey,
    I want your suggestion on doing Master in Computer and information science from AUT. I’m Geethu from Kerala,India. I plan to join on july 2020
    I graduated in 2019 , therefore I lack work experience , So I’m kindly enquiring your suggestion about doing Masters at AUT with zero work experience.
    Will it be okay to start on with Masters with academic knowledge (without work experience)?
    Thanku and best regards


    1. Hi, Geethu,

      Many of my classmates also lack experience before they enrolled the MCIS in AUT. And they also graduated with a good class. Hope the reference can help you.

      Best wishes


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