Three Importance Of Life-long Learning In Programming

A person with a life-long learning ability will become more competitive.

There are two factors contributing to the summary sentence above: human life expectancy and the high changing speed of the world

Human Life Expectancy

Here is a figure about life expectancy in China from 1960 to 2016.

From the figure, it is an indisputable fact that the average life expectancy is still prolonged. Unlike the previous generation, it seems the current millennial generation will need to face a hundred-year-old life.

Such a long life will cause the working years be longer too.

The High Changing Speed Of The World

Here comes another factor: this is a world that is changing at a high speed. 

What would it look like when a world that is changing at a high speed?

The most obvious fact is that some skills suddenly became something worthless, e.g., handwriting. A person who can handwrite beautifully may get a good job in the past, but now he/she can’t because of the cheap price of a printer. 

Another strong evidence is the rise of the Human Development Index(HDI). The HDI figure from 1980 to 2014 in China is demonstrated below.

From the curve, there is a tendency to be on an exponential rise.

Thus, from the facts we show above, this world is actually more and more cruel to many people. 

Too many peers have stopped early, and they have been left behind by the times, so they are at a loss early. 

The only way you can survive on the long life road that is not the same as your guess is to keep learning.

Keep learning is a significant skill. 

Whereas, massive people are exploded to a phenomenon called ‘Information Anxiety’, which means some of them may suffer from the feeling of anxiety because of the excessive quantity of daily information[1].

Thus, many actions have been dedicated to alleviating anxious feelings by people, e.g., purchasing expensive online courses.

Here comes an interesting and awkward truth: They may spend more money but get little knowledge.

However, people with strong self-learning skills are not anxious, at least they will not be anxious because of the learning process – this is a major difference.

I. Forward Declaration:

The forward declaration is a declaration of an identifier in the area of computer programming (denoting an entity such as a type, a variable, a constant, or a function) for which the programmer has not yet given a complete definition[2].

In schools, we can find the textbooks are very rigorous. It means any term is forbidden to use without a statement. 

So, after completing a chapter, you can learn the next chapter. If you encounter unfamiliar terms, you can find them in a previous chapter.

However, people who are accustomed to this kind of knowledge system in schools will face undesirable consequences in the society. 

Because most of the social knowledge structure is ‘Forward declaration’.  There are some examples:

  1. Why do some people always start to understand what their parents have said after many years? 
  2. Why do some people always think that their managers are just fooling them before they become managers? 
  3. Why do some people understand that investors’ reminders or suggestions are correct after his/her company goes bankrupt?

The reason is that many things are “Forward declaration” and it is very difficult to understand at that time.

The advantage of self-learning programming in this aspect is that in the process of self-learning, your learning experience is actually equivalent to a life cycle. 

So, when facing the same “Forward declaration”, you will not feel so inexplicable.

II. The programming is practical, actionable and achievable.

III. The self-learners in programming area are the most.

Trust me, you are not alone.

If you are interested in some high income skills or have any problems about self-learning and programming, feel free to contact me .

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[1] Wurman, R. S. (2017). Information Anxiety: Towards Understanding. Scenario Journal, 6.


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